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BL40i - Sliding Table 3

Standard-Systems - 18.07.2021 5851 Views

Hot Bar Soldering System with sliding table (Desktop-Edition). With exchangeable base plate on the sliding table for different jigs and workpiece holders. Dimensions of sliding table: 250x250mm. The workpiece holder can be loaded in the extracted state of the sliding table. Standard: Manual movement of the sliding table. Option: Automatic drive The table is locked automatically and the Hot Bar Soldering process is initiated. The system enclosure is available in different versions (e.g. ESD acryl glass or profile enclosure with safety door). Semi-gimballed suspension of the soldering bar for best possible co-planar pressure of the soldering bar on the solder joint (for the soldering of plane solder joints). Precise linear guide for stranded wire- or cable solderings. Adjustable pressure for both options. Quick-change system for soldering bars with plug-in connector and mounting device on a pneumatic lifting unit. Change of the soldering bar in <2min. Active air cooling of the soldering bar at the end of a soldering process. Duplicated design of temperature control system, incorporating redundancy, with additional thermocouple at the soldering bar. Complex monitoring capabilities of the programmed soldering profile. The system control is via a standard PLC with control panel. Customized adjustments, the integration of additional functions and controls of additional processes can be easily implemented.

- Standard system with sliding table - Option: Camera and monitor - Manual flux application